What can you do to help?

  • Contact your own MP, or any MP or member of the Lords you know personally, to ask if he / she knows about the Campaign for Summer Camps and if they are prepared to do anything to help, by e.g. lobbying the relevant Ministers, asking a parliamentary question, or putting a small piece about Summer Camps on their own website recommending parents to look at the idea for their children. Maybe seek a meeting. Your own testimony, as a young person who has benefited, as a parent, as an ex-staff who really understands what Summer Camps have done for you, is very powerful as reinforcement of the Campaign's message. Emphasise the Campaign is not seeking public money, just help to publicise the benefits of Summer Camps.
  • Try to persuade schools to invite ATE to tell parents about their Superweeks, or individual parents to send their children to summer camps.
  • If you know any celebrity, try to persuade him / her to get involved in the campaign.
  • Offer to help with time or money.
  • Post your own testimony on this website.

If you are:

  • a young person who has been to summer camp
  • a parent who has sent children to summer camp
  • a summer camp operator who has seen lots of children benefit over the years
  • someone who attended summer camps many years ago and is looking back
  • a teacher or headteacher who has seen the effect of summer camps on pupils
  • an educationist, an MP, or anyone else who wants to support the campaign and back what is being said about the potential of summer camps to change lives, ......

then please add your own evidence to this website

(just a few lines of comment will work best, rather than eight pages of reminiscences).

Send an e-mail, saying who you are, what your connection is with summer camps, and what comment you would like to make.

Send it to

(We reserve the right to edit comments, or to refuse comments which might be offensive to others).

Breadth and quantity of testimony can be really effective - do add your piece.