Summer Camps on offer in Britain today

There are a number of excellent providers offering residential summer camps in Britain today (though sadly less than 2% of our young people currently benefit from them). Some are commercial companies, and some are not-for-profit.

Many of the commercial providers are members of the British Activity Providers Association (BAPA), formerly BAHA. The largest company, PGL, has been running summer camps for more than 50 years, and some others such as Camp Beaumont and Mill on the Brue have been operating for many years. BAPA has its own system of inspection and checking for members. A list of all BAPA members and the summer camps they run can be found on the BAPA website (

There are also a good number of Christian providers who have been running summer camps for many years. The Scripture Union and Pathfinders are among those with the most experience. Most of the Christian providers are members of Christian Camps International (CCI), and a complete list of the summer camps run by their members can be found on their special website (

There are also programmes of Jewish summer camps and Muslim summer camps in Britain.

In addition there are a number of individual providers who are not part of any federation.

There may well be other good providers we do not know about. If any of them read this do please get in touch with the Campaign.

All of the organisations listed above would support the case being made by the Campaign, for many more young people to get the chance of attending summer camps. They have all seen in their own camps the happiness, the personal growth and the fulfilment children of all kinds gain from taking part.