The Campaign's mission is to enable many more young people in Britain to enjoy the fun, the happiness, the learning and the growth which come from taking part in residential summer camps.

We believe:

  • The chance to spend occasional weeks away from home living happy, active holidays with others from all over the UK gives to young people of all kinds and from all backgrounds both a lot of fun and many very real benefits. The effect can be dramatic and life-changing, boosting confidence, helping social skills, and giving a positive outlook on life. Nothing like enough British children get such opportunities.
  • It is all too rare for British children today to get the chance of running about and playing together in green fields, exploring the countryside, having stories round the fire at bedtime, and in general living some real childhood away from the world of TV, computer games and advertising. The life skills, the positive attitudes and the insights summer camps give are probably more vitally needed today than ever.
  • The whole of British society and British education would gain in many ways if we had a proper national system of summer camps as they do in America and France, where such weeks away are regarded as important parts of their provision for youth.

Why a Campaign is needed:

  • Going to summer camp is not something most British children or parents currently ever consider ("not part of the culture"). But the potential advantages to young people and to our society in general are so great that to launch a nation-wide campaign of PR to change hearts and minds would be a great investment for the future.
  • We have many excellent, imaginative and creative educators who are providers and potential providers of summer camps in Britain. They offer vital experiences to young people, and should be offering them to many more.

What the Campaign is doing:

  • Seeking to persuade national and local government, as well as opinion formers of all kinds, of the benefits summer camps can bring, and inviting people to come and see for themselves.
  • Raising awareness of summer camps and their benefits via the press and media.
  • Fundraising for a major PR campaign, and for research to prove the values are as claimed.
  • Urging providers to collaborate in demonstrating the benefits of summer camps.
  • Considering whether in the long term a central body, with all-party support, to promote summer camps, encourage training, coordination and best practice, etc., would have a useful role to play.

(The Campaign will shortly become a charitable Trust, with trustees from different parts of the educational and political world, to enable us to pursue these objectives even more vigorously.)

If you have already experienced summer camps you will probably need no persuading. Even if not we hope you find the Campaign's case convincing.

Do get in touch if you could assist and support our work. The Campaign needs people who could help, actively if possible, or by making a statement of support.

More Summer Camps really could change Britain for the better, and enrich the lives of our young people. Please our efforts to make this a reality.